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Systems Strategy

A Collaborative Initiative to Accelerate Access

Stakeholders from across the clean cooking ecosystem have highlighted the need for a more coordinated strategy to drive greater collaboration, transparency, and ambition toward the shared goal of universal access to clean cooking by 2030. In response to this call for action, CCA is leading the development of a Clean Cooking Systems Strategy to accelerate universal access through applying a systems approach.

The Systems Strategy seeks to answer three important questions:

  • How do we understand the clean cooking system’s current state and structure
  • How does the system need to transform to be more effective?
  • How can a Systems Strategy best serve to guide and support these transformations?

The Strategy process is using a co-creative approach to foster collective action to deliver the systems-level change needed to achieve clean cooking transitions. This systems approach helps ensure the Systems Strategy is responsive to the evolving needs of a diverse group of stakeholders within the clean cooking ecosystem and other relevant sectors.

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Defining a Systems Approach

A system is defined as a web of interconnected and interdependent parts that form a unified whole.

The Systems Strategy has used a systems approach to explore the clean cooking ecosystem more deeply, identifying not only opportunities and challenges, but also the root causes, precursors, and potential catalysts of the dynamic relationships that link actors within the ecosystem.

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The Clean Cooking Systems Strategy is driven and owned by ecosystem stakeholders. To learn more about the Systems Strategy or to get involved, please contact the Systems Strategy team at