M.M. Golam Hossain   |   2003
Type: Research Report
Topic: Fuels
Country: Bangladesh
Bangladesh, with a total surface area of about 147,570 km2, is inhabited by about 140 million people, making it one of the most densely populated countries in the world. The total annual per capita energy consumption of the country in 1995 was estimated at 8.467 GJ. The shares of commercial energy (coal, oil, gas and hydropower) and biomass fuels were estimated at 3.203 and 5.264 GJ respectively [Islam, 2001]. This is among the lowest per capita energy consumption rates in the world. Commercial energy comprising oil, natural gas, coal and hydroelectricity accounts for about one-third of the total energy consumption. The remaining two-thirds is attributed to non-commercial renewable sources. Out of the different renewable sources, biomass, peat, solar radiation, wind and hydropower can be effectively used in Bangladesh.