MissionThe UW Clean Cookstoves Lab focuses on the design, evaluation, modeling, and development of low emissions, high efficiency biomass burning cookstoves. We are dedicated to the development and dissemination of appropriate clean cooking solutions as well as understanding the health and environmental impacts of using biomass for cooking.
Partner TypeService Provider
Organization TypeResearch (Academic, Other)
Organizational ExpertiseCapacity Building, Climate/Environment, Heating, Lab or Field Testing, Monitoring and Evaluation, Research, Standards, Technology and Fuel R&D
Technologies and FuelsCharcoal, Crop residues, Electricity, Pellets / Briquettes, Wood
Clean Cooking ActivitiesWe are doing human centered design, modeling, and testing in the goal of developing the worlds cleanest biomass cookstoves for individuals in low and middle income countries. We conduct both government funded studies that are published, as well as work with NGOs and private companies to improve cookstove designs. We have developed leading edge computational models and experimental facilities that have resulted in the first Tier 4 natural draft rocket stove, reduced PM emissions and increased efficiency for commercial rocket stoves (such as the Kuniokoa of Burn Manufacturing Co.), and provide understanding between lab and field performance testing.
PartnershipOur primary role has been providing leadership in the design and development of high performing improved cookstoves. We welcome collaboration from any organization that requests assistance with the design, development, or assessment of a clean burning cookstove. We have a wide variety of computational models and experimental methods that can be used to assess current stove designs or provide insight to how a stove can be altered to improve performance. We are also pleased to measure the performance of stoves (e.g. water building test, and fire power sweeps) for stoves that are sent us. We are one of few partners that can apply leading edge understanding of engineering concepts (fluid mechanics, heat transfer, thermodynamics) to understanding and improving stove performance.
Regions Operating InNorthern America, Sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America and Caribbean
Countries Operating InGuatemala, Kenya, United States
Address3900 E Stevens Way NE
Postal Code98105
Primary Point of Contact
   First NameJonathan
   Last NamePosner
Secondary Point of Contact
   First NameJohn
   Last NameKramlich