The Social Marketing Company (SMC) and Purplewood are collaborating to scale-up its “Modern Stove” pilot to drive demand and awareness of clean cookstoves in fuels in 16 upazilas or districts in Bangladesh. Purplewood, the campaign’s creative agency, developed theater and film shows to complement traveling fairs that demonstrate cleaner cooking technologies and the modern, transformative impact of cleaner and healthier kitchens for aspiring families. The Social Marketing Company (SMC) is complementing the community events by leveraging its vast distribution network to conduct household- and group-level Interpersonal Communications (IPC) around the modern benefits of purchasing cleaner cookstoves and fuels. Launched in November 2017, community events target men and women through a storyline that revolves around a rivalry between brothers and the tensions between tradition and modernity. The storyline advances the idea that a modern man would help and support his family by purchasing a cleaner cookstove. 

The campaign targets men and women with different messages. The message appeals to women as it emphasizes that kitchens don’t need to be “dramp and dreary,” while reinforcing the idea among men that a responsible husband would ensure his wife and family are healthy. SMC also serves as distribution stockists for cleaner cookstoves and fuels. As part of this effort, SMC has trained 300 female SMC community sales agents on the features of clean cookstoves. These agents are trusted members of their communities and have been selling other health focused products on behalf of SMC. The campaign is also engaging local government officials to ensure their buy-in and support for the community-based activities.  

4 theater and 6 film shows to date showcasing a story around sibling rivalry and modernity to encourage switching to cleaner cookstoves and fuels
87,697 households reached to date through door-to-door communication channels that informed consumers on the benefits of switching to cleaner cooking
300 female SMC community sales agents who are trusted within the target communities were trained on household, interpersonal communication visits
8 two-day traveling fairs demonstrate cleaner cooking technologies in collaboration with clean cooking manufacturers