In Uganda, a communications campaign promoting clean cooking was launched under the brand “FumbAlive”, which is a combination of the Lugandan word for cooking (“okufumba”) and the word “live”. The campaign’s tagline, “Cooking just got better,” tapped into the emotional insights revealed in the consumer research, showing that the target audience wanted the best for their families and aspired to a better way of life.

The Fumbalive message was disseminated in seven languages through various communication channels, including radio, video, social media, outdoor media (branded wall signs), road shows and market events, and door-to-door outreach in select communities. Radio, as the primary means of mass media communication in Uganda, was selected to reach a wide audience and employed the use of short, dramatic spots broadcasted on 13 different radio stations. The campaign also held live events in the form of “road shows” which employed a team of entertainers traveling on a Fumbalive branded truck. The road shows were paired with market events, where manufacturers demonstrated and sold stoves.

FumbAlive ran 34 market events, which reached a total audience of approximately 16,000 people.
34 stores were branded with the FumbAlive logo and slogan, resulting in 1500 square meters of wall branded with FumbAlive messaging.
Radio advertisements were aired on 13 local radio stations, with nearly 5,000 radio spots reaching 5.5 million listeners.
Close to 4,000 people were reached through door-to-door household visits by outreach workers.
An estimated 45,000 people saw a short video advertisement screened in public video halls, coach buses and health clinics.
FumbAlive’s Facebook and Twitter pages reached nearly 1,000 followers combined and featured information on clean cookstoves, including infographics, testimonials, and photos from events.