Closed: Oct 10,2016
Type: alliance

Request for Proposal

Release Date: September 16, 2016
Response Due By: October 10, 2016

The Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves is seeking bids from firms interested in managing all registration, logistical, management, and travel components of a major international conference in Delhi, India in fall 2017.

The Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves will host the biennial Clean Cooking Forum in fall 2017, the largest international gathering of professionals working to advance the clean cooking sector. The 2017 Forum will convene 500-600 global leaders from the private sector, foreign and Indian government, finance, civil society, academia, the UN, and Development Banks, for four days of informative sessions, plenaries, networking, site visits, and clean cooking demonstrations. The Forum will support panels and sessions to allow participants to share best practices and business models, forge new partnerships, and learn about new Alliance programs to raise awareness of the benefits of clean cooking and drive demand for cleaner cookstoves and fuels. 


Please provide proposals and materials via email to the attention of Leslie Cordes, Senior Director, Strategic Partnerships at, by October 10, 2016.

General Program Information

Organization and Location:

Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves, Washington DC

Name of Program:

Clean Cooking Forum 2017

Type of Program:

The Forum is the largest gathering of professionals working to advance the clean cooking sector. The 2017 Forum in India will host 500-600 global leaders from government, academia, investor, non-profit, and the private sector for a week of informative sessions, networking, site visits, and clean cooking demonstrations.

Number of Days/Nights:

3 nights / 4 days (exclusive of a pre-meeting day with 100+ participants)

Preferred Dates:

October 2017 or

November 2017 (November 6-10 or November 13-17)

Preferred Pattern:

The meeting runs a Monday-Thursday pattern, with peak arrival on Sunday and Monday nights and peak departure on Wednesday and Thursday.  We will have a pre-meeting day prior to the conference with 100+ participants.

Number of Participants:

In 2015, the Alliance held its largest Annual Forum in Accra, Ghana with over 500 attendees. We expect over 600 attendees will participate in 2017.

Desired Locations

We are seeking a location in or around Delhi, India.

Hot Buttons:

  • Typically, these meetings fit the entire conference in one hotel or a conference venue adjacent to a hotel.
  • The venue cannot be more than one hour from a major commercial, international airport.
  • Our attendees are very price sensitive in terms of hotel rates so we are looking for a lower price point, but with a high level of service.
  • The hotel/convention center must be flexible and can accommodate our changing needs, especially in terms of meeting rooms and meeting services. We expect to be assigned senior level convention service managers.
  • We have a growing group of attendees, but still wish to keep an intimate feel to the meeting, so we are looking for meeting space that allows for and facilitates informal networking and socializing.
  • We will have a cookstove demonstration so will need an outdoor space or patio where we can set up booths and demonstrates cookstoves and fuels

Rate Type:

Not for Profit

Decision Process

We would like to sign the contract by the end of December 2016. Additional site visits will be conducted as needed based on the proposals. A decision timeline will be determined once proposals are received. Final decisions regarding locations must be approved by the Alliance’s Chief Executive Officer. All contracts must be signed by the United Nations Foundation Chief Operating Officer


We seek proposals that can offer ways to enhance the conference’s sustainability (i.e. reduce use of paper, use repurposed materials, etc.).


Leslie Cordes
Senior Director, Strategic Partnerships
Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves

Supriya Kumar
India Market Manager
Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves

Kavanaugh Livingston
Senior Program Associate, Partnerships
Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves

Proposals must address all the considerations noted in this RFP. Please be sure to include the following information in the proposal:

  • Charges, if any, for meeting space, meeting equipment and labor, and if service charges will be levied and at what amount;
  • Food and beverage minimum,
  • References for meetings of a similar size and type held in the last 6 months to 1 year.
  • If possible, rates on hotel-related costs, including, but not limited to: 200 single-occupancy and 350 double-occupancy rooms; food and beverage (lunch and two coffee breaks per day); rental for panel breakout rooms; airport pickup and transfer; Wi-Fi; costs associated with one reception and cocktail hour; manpower and overtime fees; taxes; any additional hotel fees, etc. 
  • Extensive and detailed cost breakdowns for the following, but not limited to, categories and subcategories (including any associated labor and tax fees):







of Days



Pre-Conference Services


Secretariat Services

  • Communications and registration management
  • VISA assistance fees and other invitation letters







Protocol and Government Liaison







PR and Promotion

  • Press release and press coordination







Design and Printing

  • Logo design
  • Design charges for registration, exhibitions,
  • Save the Date postcards, Forum sponsorship packet, conference bags, and event program/agenda books, etc.
  • Invitation letter design







Website and Online Registration

  • Online registration and payment gateway setup and credit card and debit card payment management fees
  • Payment via credit card/debit card
  • Credit card processing fees






Conference Services


Ground Transportation

  • Airport arrival and departure for all participants and staff
  • Site visits and possible off site reception or cultural








  • Design and printing for signage for backdrops, podiums, stands, registration, directions, room numbers and descriptions, welcome panels, help desk, etc.







Conference Kit Materials and Supplies

  • Lanyards, packing materials, name badges, pens, notepads, event program/agenda books, etc.







Audio Visual (AV) – for main hall and all breakout rooms

  • Projectors, microphones, screens, sound systems, presentation laptops, digital and audio recordings, web streaming, videotaping services, lighting, transportation of AV equipment, AV technicians







Event photographer(s) and videographers







Business Center – printing equipment and supplies







Professional Manpower

  • Registration staff
  • Hall management staff
  • Ushers
  • Supervisors
  • Data Entry Officers
  • Bag filling
  • Assistants at the airport
  • Should include specifics on overtime, breakdown of all pre-, during, and post-conference manpower fees, pre-conference venue visits, inspections, and site selection







Entertainment (Recognition Dinner)

  • Master of Ceremony
  • Ushers and coordinators
  • Lighting and sound stage
  • Theme décor
  • Cultural Show
  • Air-conditioned transportation vehicles and manpower for transfer of participants from hotel to cultural show and dinner venue (if off-site)
  • Recognition Awards and Certificates







Clean Cookstoves and Fuels Exhibit (outdoor venue) and

Poster Session

  • Tent to cover table areas
  • Manpower costs to convert and set up area for participants to display their poster on bulletin boards
  • Panels
  • Name Board
  • Chairs
  • Lighting








  • Downloadable conference mobile app
  • Extra Wi-Fi portals in staff rooms
  • IT technicians







Site Visits

  • Site Visits that require air travel: estimated fees for managing a local travel agency to make air, hotel, packed lunch, and transportation bookings for 100 participants to travel from Delhi to and at least a few hours outside of the following cities/regions for one (1) night and two (2) days: South India (Bangalore); Western India (Gujarat); Tamil and Nadu
  • Site visit outside of Delhi: estimated fees for managing a local travel agency to arrange transportation,manpower, management, transport assistants, taxes,and packed lunches for 150 participants







Government Service Taxes







Management Fees






Any Applicable Post-Conference Services

Thank you for your attention.  Please provide proposals and materials via email to the attention of Leslie Cordes, Senior Director, Strategic Partnerships at by October 10, 2016.