July 30 - 03, 2018
Location: Blue Mountain Campus, Cottage Grove, Oregon
Country: United States

Aprovecho Summer Stove Camp July 30 – August 3!

Blue Mountain Campus, Cottage Grove, Oregon

For reservations and details call (541) 767 0287


For many years, we have been pushing hard to develop a "Tier 4" cooking stove (less than 41 mg/MJd PM 2.5) that costs $10 delivered to distributors. At that price, we hope that large distributors can sell a new generation stove to folks in many countries. Is this possible?

Let’s find out at Stove Camp 2018!

ARC has been lucky enough to work with the Department of Energy, the Environmental Protection Agency, Intellectual Ventures/Global Good, and lots of researchers recently and we have learned a lot that make us confident that $10 wholesale Tier 4 stoves will be in markets .

Come and join us for a wonderful week of experimentation and sharing! Swim in the river! The two emission hoods are available all day and into the night. Four trained research assistants and ARC staff including Kirk Harris (most advanced TLUD researcher?) are here to help your stove project and create the clean burning, affordable future with you.

Hope to learn with you at Stove Camp!