Alliance CEO Dymphna van der Lans speaks on clean cooking
Alliance CEO Dymphna van der Lans speaks on clean cooking and the Sustainable Development Goals at the United Nations High-Level Political Forum.
Dymphna's Message
Dympha van der Lans

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For those of us working in the clean cooking sector, we know all too well that progress remains slow. This is the reality we face. Yet it is also clear that, while this issue won’t be solved overnight, it must be solved...


From the Alliance
First ever international standard for laboratory testing of cookstoves published

The International Organization for Standardization has published the first international standard for laboratory testing of cookstoves. Developed and approved by international experts from 45 countries, the new standard includes protocols to test and report the emissions, efficiency, safety and durability of cookstoves in a lab setting.

First ever international standard for laboratory testing of cookstoves published
Three ways South-South Cooperation is driving progress on clean cooking

An Alliance-hosted workshop this month in Kenya is the latest example of how developing countries are aiding each other’s work.

Three ways south-south cooperation is driving progress on clean cooking
UN High-Level Political Forum shines light on clean cooking

This year’s HLPF, which focused on Sustainable Development Goal 7, prominently featured clean cooking, thanks in large part to the Alliance and partners hosting events and discussions throughout the two week forum.

UN High-Level Political Forum shines light on clean cooking
From the Sector
Incentivizing a sustainable clean cooking market: lessons learned from a results-based financing pilot in Indonesia

The World Bank implemented a results-based financing pilot program in Indonesia to increase access to clean cooking solutions. Results show the framework can be an effective tool for unifying key elements for developing a sustainable clean cooking market and incentivizing clean cooking.

An analysis of efforts to scale up clean household energy for cooking around the world

A recent study conducted by the Clean Cooking Implementation Science Network (ISN), supported by the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) and partners, found that clean cooking initiatives require increased monitoring and sustainability to maximize benefits.

Leading sustainability experts call for more efficient approach to deliver UN goals

Experts and stakeholders are calling on governments to develop a more strategic and efficient approach as they begin adapting plans to achieve the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Africa’s pollution killing thousands of infants, study says

In 2015, drastic air pollution led to nearly 450,000 more infant deaths in select African countries. A study published in Nature magazine proves how clean cooking solutions to decrease air pollution can improve the health outcomes and decrease the mortality rate of infants in Africa.

Partner Spotlight: HIVOS
Partner Spotlight

Hivos, a Dutch broad-spectrum development NGO that aims to promote sustainable development, has been instrumental in the growth of the clean cookstoves sector. This partner has funded improved cookstoves projects in countries like Guatemala and Kenya and is creating innovative approaches, such as smoke-free zones, to promote clean cooking.

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